Thursday, June 30, 2005

Took my breath away...

went and caught initial d today... and it was great.. jay chou is so cute.. well.. he didn't talk much in the show.. but it was ok.. i enjoyed it quite a bit :) but but BUT you know why you should go and watch the show?? Cos of the trailer for Chronicles of Narnia!

It really took my breath away... and all i can say is watching the trailer in the movie theatre was, "WOOOOWWW!!!"

I hasn't felt that sensation ever since i first caught LOTR - Fellowship of the Ring in the theatre.. errm... at least 4 years ago.

I'm so looking forward to Dec 9, 2005!!!!

p/s Swan Lake by the Royal Ballet took my breath away too... but i was a bit too far from the stage.. but the costumes were wonderful.. and it was still amazing how the same familiar swan lake theme music can sound so upbeat and optimistic in the begining to sad and tragic at the end... or is it just me??

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