Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dragon Rider

Finally got the opportunity to finish a book that i had bought quite some time ago titled Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke. Let me say that i was swept away by the book.

I had no idea what the book was about... or even why the book was called dragon rider in the first place. So, i picked it up.. and tried reading the first chapter.

Very easy read.. and the author captures your attention immediately... Rat runs to the dragons and reports that humans are coming .. and they are out to flood the valley where the dragons are with water, putting their survival at risk. The only way out is to find the Rim of Heaven, where dragons have a safe haven. However, the location is lost and Firedake the dragon, together with Sorrel the brownie, sets off from Ireland or Scotland (i suspect) to the Himalayas. this settles the why and the where... oh.. and there's the who.. the Golden one that Firedrake has to watch out for.

In the quest to locate the Rim of Heaven, Firedrake managed to pick up Ben, a homeless human orphan, meets/runs into a variety of mystical creatures, some that endangers their lives, and others that become trustworthy allies.

So, read to find out who the dragon rider is, why he plays such a central role in this fantasy-advennture.. and if and how Firedrake locate the Rim of Heaven.

p/s Wanna guess how old am i?? :D

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