Saturday, June 18, 2005

Counting my blessings...

i'm feeling really melancholy right now.. and i don't know i'm using the word correctly or the right term (can't really be bothered to check the dictionary now)... something triggered me to be in this mood.. read on and you will understand.

Just that sometimes.. i just find that i have so much to be thankful for despite of wat other say or how they tease me .. i do know that they are purely doing it in jest or just trying to irritate me.

As much as i would like to upgrade many things.. earn lots of money, travel the world....have nice holidays... buy nice things and live a luxurious life..

i'm thankful for a trusty with so much character and wind-up windows :-) ( yeah.. who on earth drives such a car now??).. i don't think that i will want to change the car at all or put her out of her misery as someone is so fond of saying. She's like me... loves life!! A old fashioned and bulky laptop that is so reliable that hasn't given me any problems at all, A job in a field that i so love that i can impact and influence others, colleagues and peers who work together so well despite of the shifts and long hours. Friends whom i know are willing to put up with me and my idiosyncrasies... complaining... bitching... for making me feel loved... especially those who are so far away. Parents who are healthy and supportive... and after so many years.. realise where my talents (non-existent) and interests lie.

i know that i'm probably one of those individuals who will not make it rich given my field and interests.. but yeah... overall.. i think that i will be happy with the road that i travel on.

Who wouldn't? when you have colleagues 'reserving you' to go for dinner (so unexpectedly), friends who make sure that your day wouldn't be spent alone, and more friends buying treats like hair cuts and massages??

i especially want to thank someone whom i know reads this blog occasionally. Thank you for the tickets... knowing that you got them for me triggered a whole lot of memories. Thank you for caring and remembering. i wish you all the best too.

p/s: darn.. sounds like a award recipient's speech huh?

p/s/s: sometimes i wonder.. if things happen this way cos what goes round comes around?

p/s/s/s: reminds me of this great book that i had read and am keen to get my hands on for a personal copy, The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories by Tim Burton

p/s/s/s/s: which reminds me of the new stop-motion animation movie by Tim Burton titled, The Corpse Bride voiced by several A-listers such as Johnny Depp, Emily Watson and Helena Bonham-Carter.

p/s/s/s/s/s: And cos of the stop-motion animation, i'm so keen and all hyped up about the first ever full length Wallace and Gromit movie titled, The Curse of the Were-Rabbit to be out really soon..

p/s/s/s/s/s/s: isn't funny how my mind works?? Jumping all over the place and linking different stuff together?

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QQ*librarian said...

And that is enough in life, isn't it? What is the meaning of wealth if you don't have a life to go with it? In fact, I've realised that even having a job that one loves is so rare nowadays. And if there is just one person who can love you as you are in the world, that's already wonderful, what's more you actually have a group of people who do that for you. :-) You are blessed indeed. Life is just great - and I'm sure there will be people who will think otherwise if there isn't someone like you in this world. So, cheer up!