Thursday, November 24, 2005

Lelong lelong...

In conjunction with the annual Asian Children's Festival, the national library board of singapore got some of her librarians to write original stories and publish them in kamishibai style storycards.

There are 2 kits available... one packaged as childhood stories and the other as animal stories. Each kit contains 4 stories and each story has 6 picture cards that you can read/storytell to children.

i only managed to get my hands on the animals stories set and i must say that it is very nicely done.

The four stories in the animal kit are as follows

The Song of the Forest by Ivan Chew
The Owl
How Hen Got Her Cluck
Hippy's Toothache

Check it out!

Storytelling kit set storytelling tips

song of rainbow forest and hippy's toothache

THe owl and how hen got her cluck

Happy animals

i love the expression on duck's face... can see that she total buay siong!!

Duck *rolling eyes*

The storytelling kits will be made available for sale in the libraries in the near future. Do check it out. It's a real bargain by the way. 4 stories at $10.50 (inclusive of gst).

So will the librarians be writing and publishing their own stories in the near future.. it'd be great to see your colleagues', even your own book in the public libraries.

time to put on my thinking cap and start writing stories.... new resolution!!

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