Thursday, November 10, 2005

Warning to all dog owners: Walking you dog could lead to you leaving your partner, changing your job or even deciding to have children.

Why is this not surprising.. i do know of people who got dogs liao then went on to have kids... *hint* *hint*

"That is, according to new research from a pet insurance firm which claims a third of dog owners have reached major life changing decisions after walking the dog.The study found that men are more likely to think about practicalities such as work and money when walking the dog, while women focus on more emotional issues such as the family and relationships. It's a well-known fact that the exercise involved with walking the dog can benefit health, but it would appear a stroll with the dog can also stimulate and clarify the mind enough to reach big life decisions.
Research shows that many dog owners see walks with their pets as an important part of their day and a key time to reflect on their lives.

Psychotherapist Christine Webber commented: "Taking the dog for a walk gives people the chance to enjoy personal time alone out in the open. They can also enjoy the unconditional love they get from their pet when, perhaps, they don't feel they're being appreciated by a partner or their family. That's why the dog-walk sometimes provides appropriate space and time for some very serious decision-making about the future."

The study also revealed that dog-walking isn't always a top priority for owners. North Eastern dog owners are the most likely to use dog-walking as cover for a secret rendezvous and when Scots are supposed to be walking the dog, one in five are actually nipping for a quick pint in their local pub or snooping on their neighbours. Meanwhile over half of Welsh owners view time with their pet as a chance to 'get away and ponder life'. Dog-walking is widely regarded as a worthwhile social activity which not only keeps owners in great shape but is also hugely popular amongst dogs.

According to research over half of dog-walkers have made friendships while walking the dog and say that their pet has enhanced their social lives. A few had even met a partner or lover for the first time while walking the dog."

*Survey conducted in September 2005 amongst 1,615 UK pet-owners **Data Monitor Pet Report 2004

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