Thursday, November 10, 2005

something good and something bad

my sister totally surprised me with a initial d movie poster the other day.. it's great.. now i just need to look for a frame to put it up on my wall :)

she got me this one. Cool huh? now i can drool over jay.. oh.. and his new cd is not bad.. go get it and listen to it.

And the bad thing that happened? Had to fix my car cos the fan was ka-put... and had to fix myself... surgery... errr... first time ever in my life... so now.. me very free on mc.. though a bit in pain and lots of discomfort..and not forgetting that it's a great time to diet and lose weight.. i probably can go and read my books in peace... provided i don't get sidetracked and be disturbed by my dog.... he will look at me with those liquid brown eyes and would beseech me to go out with him.. and go running/walkies/swimming/playing with me..

oh well... see how..

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