Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Blessing in disguise?

Went to the dentist today. Was supposed to get my tooth crowned. However, the dentist discovered a couple of cracks in my tooth and he couldn't do the crowning.

The crack could have been there for som time already, as previously i did complain of soreness in that tooth.

There could be several reasons due to it.
1. Becos of the root canal
2. Becos of the filling; or but not limited to
3. the lethal kacang puteh that i ate.

So anyway.. instead of the $600 over that i was prepared to shell out. i paid only $70 and got a day's mc... which really makes my new year's a long long long weekend!

And given that there's a huge lobang where my tooth was located formerly, there's several options that i can do.. all with certain costs.

1. Bridging - where the adjacent 2 teeth are crowned to make a fake bridge for the missing tooth
2. Dentures
3. Implants
4. Braces - to shift the teeth to cover up the hole
5. Do nothing.

Guess we'll see what happens as i will need a couple of months to wait for the wound to heal before doing anything.

But that's not the interesting part. The interesting bit is that i invited my dentist to join me for my social outings!! Would be interesting to see the reaction of my friends when they discover that.


The horror of it all..

Being pals with your dentist??

Are you mad??

But in all honesty... of all the numerous hundred and one dentists that i have gone to... i truly will recommend him. In fact, after my first treatment with him, i actually told him that he was the most gentle dentist that i have ever been to and that i totally didn't feel any discomfort AT ALL!! And he was a GUY!!


Well.. if you need to get your much needed teeth checked... you can go and visit him at

Junction 8 Dental Surgery
Blk 506 Bishan St 11 #01-406
Singapore 570506
General Enquiries: 63537707

Should i post a picture of my beautiful gap? Let me think about it.

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