Thursday, January 18, 2007

Who's next?

just a warning... 2 people i know got their right hand/arm injuried in the past week.. me being one of them

right hand injuried

and the other being my friend.

You have been warned.. be very very very careful.

Note: both very accidents...

ETA: some peeps wanted to see the damage without the bangages... sicko i tell you.. but anyway.. since they are friends.. shall entertain them.

woundfat hand

As a comparison... how my left hand looks like... the skinny version with the knuckles showing oh so clearly.

left hand

ETA: I found out who was the first one.. in fact.. i had forgotten that one of my friends actually hurt her right hand and fingers in Dec.

So.. all my other friends don't have to worry liao.. the circle of three have been completed.


Yee Lin said...

eh yah lor, who wanna see your injuries without bandages? So sicko one. Tsk tsk. Don't give them cupcakes ok.

Meanwhile, you rest well lah. Hurry up recover then go picnick leh. At most you don't need prepare the food, I prepare lor.

Chanel No.5 said...

goodness! what happened to yoU!?

yah... bad things come in three's right?

I also completed my cycle with my broken arm... =)