Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Enriching classes

i have always enjoy cooking and baking and stuff like that.

My only main gripe is that well.. the kitchen at home doesn't really belong to me.. mum would always grumble when i attempt to make a mess.. else you'd always be nagging at me to clean up (especailly when i'm not done yet!!). The other thing that really bugs me is that i do not have control over what's in the kitchen. Missing essential stuff, incorrect equipment and such.

It's like if i wanted to bake... i have to buy myself an oven and a whole bunch of baking equipment cos mum's stuff are either incomplete or non-existence (which i did last year btw).

And in order to make the foodstuff, i have to ensure that all the ingredients are present. And sometimes.. the most basic stuff like garlic powder or honey would mysteriously disappear (used finish and not replaced), and i will have to run out whilst cooking/baking/preparing to the nearest store to get.

i loved my kitchen when i was staying overseas.. constantly making stuff.. and the best part was that i didn't have to wash up.. my housemate would be the one doing that.. afterall i'd be cooking you know?

Experimented with tons of stuff.. to the extend of making our very own dough fritters from scratch cos we need that extra ooommmpphhh to our rojak. And my chicken curry puffs are legendary. hee hee hee..

i bought myself a small oven last year and i had a blast with it.... baking cookies and stuff.. really simple..

However, most of it aren't for human consumption though.. though you are most welcome to try. I did get feedback that they are most drool-worthy.

It was really great that my company offered some enrichment classes for us recently. It didn't really had much to do with work other then team building, and getting us to work in groups which my group did really well, we ended up getting the top prize in the whole exercise.

What kind of classes did i attend?

Floral arrangement at Far East Floral and baking at Baking Industry Training Centre .

I didn't have the flowers to show for it..

But baking was really fun.. it was wonderful to be in a fully equipped kitchen, with everything (equipment and ingredients) within reach.

Made these 2 cakes over the 2 half day courses that everyone was raving about.

Top: Black Forest Cake, Bottom: French Chocolate Cake.

Frightfully easy to make... just need to ensure that you have the right equipment.

Darn.. i can't wait to buy a cake mixer next to start baking.

ETA: i want a kitchenaid mixer in RED!! Found out that it is the best there is... even chubbyyhubby raves about it here, here, and here

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manniqueen said...

ok i love cakes and my birthday is about a week from now!!!!