Sunday, February 11, 2007

It is things like these...

that makes me feel happy.

i used to have a lecturer who really made my lessons a real joy to attend during my masters program. He was very knowledgeable, entertaining.. and even made the dictionary interesting to us.

He often tells the students that reference work is either triumph or anguish... you either find it or not.

Hence, it was a surpise that he sent us a email on a reference enquiry. Now.. if he couldn't find the answer... who could?

When we first saw the question... my colleague and i just went.. woah... what to do?

Even though i was on duty, the enquiry by right was not mine to handle. But i was really curious after all.. and just did some searches on it.

As i searched for the answer, i grew more and more confident that i was able to find the answer to his enquiry.

And yes i did give him a most satisfactory answer to his enquiry.. even though i believe the answer isn't exactly what he was expecting at all.

There's a whole twist to the reference enquiry.

Needless to say.. after i closed the enquiry... i was jumping up and down.. and doing my evil laughter in the office.


The feeling of solving a puzzle that your ex-lecturer couldn't solve?


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