Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Never in my life..

I'd imagine myself buying a bird cage.. and i did.. it was a totally horrifying experience to walk into a bird store... selling live birds in cages everywhere... hanging from the ceiling, along the corridor.. and the noise they make just one just walk pass them! The flapping noises, squawks and such. Ironically, the owner thought that i was afraid of the dog and tied him up. It was the birds that i'm terrified of.

It didn't make the task easier as i had to look up to the ceiling to see all the various bird cages hanging down to choose a really nice one... and i can't help but see some of the birds in the cages right above me. I kept reminding myself to keep my mouth closed.

See.. H's dad loves birds.. and he keeps and breeds them. He's even got a aviary... the last time i visited him, i got a book. I don't know if it is this one...

Something like that... a field guide to all the birds in this region... and he was mighty pleased.. and he said how the last trip to Thailand, he carried a bird cage back cos he really like it... and of course.. i offered to bring one for him the next time i'm back...

So... here's the one i bought... i think it's really nice.. and a bit special.

It's in the shape of a chinese pagoda.. and has got engravings on the perch for the birds and at the base of the cage.. and also, little chinese porcelain cups for the feed and water.

Now... if only H's niece and nephew will not chase me around with chicks in their hands and going, " See... so cute.. why are you scared of them?"

And now, the other amazing thing is the after 40 years of marriage and eating the abacus (算盘 子that my mum makes, my dad sat down and helped my mum make!!!

Never thought it'd ever happen.. and it looked like he was having fun, making them. I had to take pictures to record it of course.

But in all honesty.. his turned out to be disks rather than abacus looking!!!

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