Tuesday, March 29, 2005

It's here.. and it's going to be a blast...i hope..

well.. not often you get a book that come close to the Harry Potter craze... hrrmmpp.. early reviews from Septimus Heap seems to say that it's going to be really big.. and guess what? The book's in Singapore.. available at Kinokuniya now!!!... the book even comes with a CD.. wonder what's that about. haven't heard anything about it. But to be honest.. it's quite expensive for a kid's book.. in the range of the Potter's books as well, retailing at S$31.86. And you know .. if you buying stuff over S$50... free delivery.. it's not too bad the website... just in case you are a bibliophile like me. .. can't wait to get my hands on the book... :) yup yup.. and you have been alerted here....

i hope to get mine by the end of the week.. so watch out.. maybe i'd be writing a report on the book.


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