Saturday, March 26, 2005

Time to go a hoppin' and boppin'

I now realise why i was having bunny fever and thinking of bunnies left and right... it's EASTER weekend this wonder i've been seeing bunnies everywhere.. even my poor Stitch became a not-so-happy bunny overnight!!

Let's go and munch on some chocolate easter eggs now!!!

Hrrmmpp.. should i go into work this weekend wearing my bunny ear hairband and bow-tie... be Ms Bridget Jones?


Ivan Chew said...

Wear your bunny hairband and bow-tie... it's not as crazy as you think. I'm sure the kids and parents will be amused, and it'll be a great talking point -- which makes it easy for you to promote related books to them (e.g bunnies, Easter, festivals etc).

So why not? : )

BTW, your post inspired me to blog this --

olkgal said...

no lar... don't think that we as in "public and staff" are ready for it yet. if done across all libraries or even as a branch.. it'd be fun.. but to dress up on my own as an individual... i'm a bit shy. :D

maybe next year or next holiday or even my birthday..... provided management will waive the service standard on dress code .. hee hee hee..

thanks for reading

Anonymous said...

har har.. wait people mistake you as a PLAYBOY bunny in the library!!