Monday, March 07, 2005

Must reads A to Z?

Came across this article a couple of weeks ago in Singapore's Sunday Times... it was very interesting.. and got me thinking along the lines of .... what A to Z books would i get someone to read to get insights in to what i'm thinking, the kind of values and beliefs that i hold dear. And then, it went further along the lines of what A to Z books i would remember someone by... and worse still... what A to Z events/things i would remember someone by.

Did try to sit down for a while to do up an excel spreadsheet on my A to Z books... then it grew to my A - Z movies (which i'm nuts about.. if you haven't got it from my previous posts)... and then.. went on to my friends' A to Z books and A to Z things/events that i remember them by...

It's not easy at all.. especially when you have to sit down and think really really hard... and for certain letters of the alphabet... you either get alot.. or you get none.

Then again.. maybe so much time shouldn't be spend on compling a list like that... i really wonder what use will it come to in the end... maybe one day for my eulogy... someone would get hold of my A to Z books and get well/bad - wishers to read them (buzz word now in the libraries now is reading clubs.. i'm so pro-library that i'm going to get sick myself???!! Har har).... maybe it'd be good.. or simply too late... i'm too complex and confusing... i don't even know myself at times.. hee hee :D

Maybe someday.. i'd make known my list.. or maybe not... might be too private after all...

In the meanwhile... if you are looking for lists of books to read.. how about UK top 100 reads? Where's one from Singapore?? :P

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