Sunday, March 27, 2005

Totally irks me...

i was in library school sitting through some presentations by a couple of my juniors. There were several things that i didn't agree on with them during the presentations.. i guess alot has to do with the fact that they were actually full-time students with no library experience... they have a different concept of library operations and had so many loop holes in their presentations. But what totally irks me out was that given that these people are yonds younger than me and are supposedly to be the next gen's librarians... both of the presenters coincidentally put up the presentation using graphics of the same image depicting a librarian... a STEREOTYPICAL librarian (may i just add).. see the image used below...

(image was taken from

It's funny cos after the contact and interaction that they would have had with the professors and lecturers and fellow classmates who are working in libraries... they'd know that none of us look like that at all. Even my lecturer commented in class that there was (sorry.. it's IS) a stereotype of librarians.. My question to the presenters is.. "Do you think that you will conform and transform yourself to become that image once you get your certification and become a librarian?"

Years ago, when i just started on my job.. i came across this ad that i thought was the coolest ever... i craved for the car since then.. but given the high costs of car ownership in Singapore and my pay.... i had to abandon my dream... doesn't stop me from dreaming about this car or this car either. Maybe i'm strike lottery or something...

The ad for the Honda Accord V-6 Coupe described the car as : "The automotive equivalent of a really hot librarian. Good-looking, yet intelligent. Fun, yet sophisticated. All in a very eye-catching 200-horsepower package."

i would like that think that that's so very me!!! So i forwarded the ad to my friends.

One of my friends replied my mail and sent me this picture back.

i went "how did you get this picture?"... He replied, "Oh... it was the first picture that came out when i used google images for 'librarian'". Now... i tried to look for that image today.. and you know something... i had to go through 30 pages of results before finding this image again... and going through the results.. a lot of the librarians aren't like the stereotype at all.... Bespectacled with a chain link... hair in a bun.. grounchy.. middle to old aged woman. Instead.. they look happy.. smiley... youthful... just like anyone walking on the street... found this feature in a local magazine recently..

Guess who's a librarian here?

So why then this image still persists? i have no answer to that... one thing for sure is that if we didn't raise our objections to the images used in class during that presentation... maybe my fellow classmates might have continued using that template for the rest of their school term???? :P

if you are keen to explore more on the stereotype image of librarians.. here's a link, go to

Meanwhile... if only 1 can get one of these tees to wear to work.. i'd go to work happy!!

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QQ*librarian said...

You're totally right... it's irksome how people always think that librarians are all sour-faced old ladies with a finger permanently on their lips. Maybe that's why I NEVER (at least I think I don't...) go to work looking sloppy and ugly. And I NEVER wear sensible old lady shoes even if I have to hop around searching for books for customers, becoz sexy librarians must wear stilettoes :-) (generalising only ah!).

I think the new generation librarians have a part to play in changing the horrible image of past librarians. And it can start from you and me. I take secret pride when a customer tells my staff that of all the libraries he visited he finds the librarians in my branch the best looking. (Whoppee! Maybe my "sufferings" in those stilettos helped a bit... and he's not a "D.O.M" - dirty old man).

Judging from your blog and the car that you like, you probably won't fit the stereotypical librarian image. Keep that up, olkgal. Never mind what others think, I think we have the coolest job in the world, apart from 007.