Saturday, May 28, 2005

Segway me..

i have been reading up on Segway with interest for some time. Seems that after the initial launch of the Segway Human Transporter(HT) back in 2001, public interest on it kinda died down a bit. However, recently, with new golf models and the rental scheme that allows people hired the human transporter, riding on a segway doesn't seem to be that far a possibility. Though it did seem that the HT would not be brought into Singapore.

However, needless to say, i have been very keen on getting my hands on a segway to try and have a ride on it for the longest time.. and i got my wish today!!! Apparently, there is a local firm that is bringing in the segway to sell. The models i-series and p-series are priced at approximately S$8-9k. They was letting people have a go on the segway HT at Holland Village. I got my 5 mins on a segway today!

Segway p-series
This was the one i had a ride in.

It's really simple and easy to handle. Just step onto the segway.. lean forward to move in front.. and lean back to go backwards. A simple toggle on the left handle bar makes the HT go left or right. Honestly... it's a breeze to handle. The only concern that i have is the handling of the segway on our numerous kerbs..that one would have to hop up and down to bring the HT onto the kerbs and also.. how to park and lock it. Oh.. and the battery lasts for approximately 15km. Wat if you run out of juice on the way back?? How would you be dragging it home??

i'm really wishing for a segway HT for my birthday.. see my wish list :)

segway i-series
i like the colours on this model.

For those who are interested in the conceptualization, development and creation of the Segway HT, read this really cool book titled, Code Name Ginger: The Story Behind Segway and Dean Kamen's Quest to Invent a New World by Steve Kemper.

Code Name Ginger

found this review...

p/s a afternote: i'm really upset that i didn't use my camera which was in my bag the whole time i was riding the segway to ask the promoters to take a picture for me!!! *sob* *sob*.. how duh was i???!!! i'm very upset now...

p/s/s... isn't the segway amazing.. wat are the odds on putting 2 wheels, a stick and a platform and making it balance??? When you switch it on.. it is able to stand on its own.. defying the normal gravity that makes things fall over. Add a human on it.. and you are just ready to go.