Thursday, May 19, 2005

Yo.. this is my aisle.. F- off

Was relating to one of my friends about the happenings in the library. Guess that patrons are no longer behaving in libraries. Sometimes, i blame the parents.. for the parents always think that it is the librarians' job to scold the children when they misbehave. This is something that i totally disagree. Yes, we can teach you library etiquette, but parents should be disciplining their own kids and teaching them to respect public property and proper conduct. The librarian will not scold you, rather, the librarian will chide your parents for letting you behave like a monkey in the library. Guess where the children learn their monkeying from.

Anyway.. i digress... so i was relating incidents in the library and i told my friend that there are gangs in the libraries. Gang members come into the library to recruit members and even have been caught fistfighting (think of fight club style?). Ok ..ok..ok.. i exaggerated. it's not that bad. PPLLEEAASSEEE come to the library!!!

My friend laughed really really hard and said that that had to be the funniest thing he had heard in the longest time. To him.. the library gangs had to be the geekiest and lousiest around. They can't fight with the gangs outside and hence have to bully the bookworms in the libraries?

So wat would they fight over? Books? Seats? Aisles? Girls?

Too bad i don't know how to upload my friend's bad-ass gangster imitation of the library gangs challenging, staking and claiming their was hilarious...

p/s maybe i can get him to record it and i'd post it up here... hee hee hee

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