Sunday, May 01, 2005

Use Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix as toilet paper?

Over the weekend, there's yet another book sale at the Singapore Expo. This time round, it's by Times. They have lots of selection on contemporary novels and non-fiction books there. I don't think that i saw anything that was above S$10. i didn't spend much time looking at the adult contemporary fiction section, but if you like Ian Rankins, Robert Ludlum .. chick lit..self-help books etc.. that's the place to go and spend your weekend. Oh.. and they even had Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (hardcover) for sale at S$7. Yes.. you heard me correctly S$7, S-E-V-E-N. That's less than US$4. Cheap!!!! Can you believe it? To think that i bought mine at $35 when it first came out. Borders is too selling it $7.95. I was commenting to my friend, " Buy the book and use as toilet paper also can!!" Given that the book is so voluminous and can just buy and put it inside the toilet for reading and whatever purposes when the paper runs out! Just tear the pages that you have read!! heee hee hee.. They didn't have a lot of children or teens selection..i was disappointed but i did catch a sorry-looking Eragon by Christopher Paolini for $5. i had bought my copy at a previous sale for $10.

Which makes me think.. should i wait and buy such books such as Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince during book sale like these? There's bound to be an overwhelming supply. However, this will mean that i will only get it 2 years down the road!!! AARRGGHH.. will i be able to resist the wait?? Nah... don't think so. Anyway.. i have placed an order with the distributor of Harry Potter and he promised a discount.. *rubs my hands in glee* Hee Hee Heee!!

Some of the great buys that i got:

  1. Modern Library: The 200 Best Novels in English since 1950 by Carmen Callil, Colm Toibin (US$27.95) - S$5
  2. The Encyclopedia of Fantasy by John Clute (Editor), John Grant (Editor), Mike Ashley, Roz Kaveney (US$85) - S$8
  3. The Last Hero (Gollancz SF S.) by Terry Pratchett, Paul Kidby (Illustrator) (US$10.58) - S$6

There were other books that i bought... but don't think that i will list them cos i wanted to give them as gifts.. wait people call me El cheapo!!

Spent close to a hundred dollars at the sale. I'm great at buying books but lousy at carrying them.

Will give you the details of the sale just in case you are able to make it this weekend
The Book Sale
Singapore Expo Hall 6B
till 2 May, 9pm

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Anonymous said...

other interesting find at the Book sale.

The Seeing Stone, At the Crossing Point and King of the Middle March by Kevin Crossley-Holland

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.

Number9Dream by DAVID MITCHELL.