Saturday, May 21, 2005

Wonderful tee

came across this tee that was selling at a really cheap price featuring characters from the upcoming dreamworks cartoon, Madagascar - featuring the voice talents for Ben Stiller (Gaylord Focker), Chris Rock (wasn't he in the fifth element or was it Chris Tucker? I get them mixed up all the time!), David Schwimmer (nerdy, needy, irritating Ross) and Jada Pinkett-Smith (Mrs. Will Smith)!! Looking at the trailers... i really hope that it is better than that Shark's Tale flop!

Madagascar Safari Tee

Isn't it great if i could wear it in the libraries???!!!! So apt.. describes wat the situation the libraries is like in reality. hee hee hee hee..

p/s the movie is starting this weekend on the 25th... you can bet that i'd be one of the first to catch it!!!

p/s/s interesting trivia, did you know that dodo birds used to reside on Madagascar?

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