Thursday, August 04, 2005


i love what was written in QQ*Librarian's blog on the New National Library and why there's only one level of lending collection.

Read all about it here...

And i quote from her,

“Your library so big, got 16 floors and only ONE lending section at the basement ah?” They (the duh users of the new national library) emphasized the ONE, just to prove their point in our erroneous judgment.

To these people, I replied.

“Sir, there are more than 20 public lending libraries in the whole country, do you think it’s too much to have just ONE non-lending reference library for the whole of Singapore?” I said all these in a gentle manner and still flashed my megawatt smile.

Most people become very sheepish after that when they realized the logic of the whole matter. One even asked, “Oh… so, huh, I can go to other libraries to borrow books then.” And I gently reminded him, “No you don’t have to, we still have one lending section at the basement.”

Thank you for this gem.. i will remember it.

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