Friday, August 26, 2005

so many things happened..

decided to make certain (permanent) changes in my life. wasn't a easy decision to make.. but i had decided to go ahead. hope that they'd turn out well.

and decided to go for the singapore marathon too... well.. let's hope that i get enough training and don't chicken out when the day arrives.

anyway.. was going home after dinner on wednesday when my companions and i came across a strange sight. Now.. i had wanted to take a picture of it.. after all it is not very often that you see things like this on the roads of singapore. But all my friends were going, "No... got policeman.. wait he catches you.. driving and taking pictures.. very dangerous you know!".. etc etc.. so i kept my camera... this is despite of reassurances that i can multi-task. i suppose the flash would have given me away.

Well.. given that i didn't managed to get a picture. i decided to draw wat i saw. Ermm.. haven't drawn for the longest time.. despite of my artistic inclination years ago.. so presenting... the SIDEWAYS CAR!!

Police bike, police man and flipped over car

That's the police bike, policeman and the sideways car.. it was totally flipped on its side.

Flipped over car

As i turned into my road.. it looked like that.. i believe that it was a kind of station wagon. My friends and i figured that it was either the passengers (really heavy ones) were all sitting on the passager side.. causing to flip over.. or the driver u-turned really fast.. and just flipped over.. or maybe it's a combination of both..

har har har.. i don't think that anyone was hurt... no ambulance or anything.. and even the driver wasn't there.. maybe it was just abandoned :)

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