Friday, August 19, 2005

i would have wanted....

i had a friend once who was so in awe and into Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder that he kept buying copies of Sophie's World and giving it to all his friends. He did study philosophy. i do have a copy.. but somehow.. it is one of those books that i could never finish. i tried to make sense.. but guess i was never into philosophy as such... but then, i had read one of Jostein Gaarder's other book, The Solitaire Mystery: a novel about family and destiny, borrowed/snatched from the same fellow just after he bought it. Managed to finish it within a day.. and i really liked and enjoyed the story. It was amazing how a deck of cards could make sense and relate to time months, seasons and such.

Well... i would have wanted to meet Jostein Gaarder (like how this librarian did) and gotten him to autograph a copy of Sophie's World to give it to my friend.

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