Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I am hooked!

With the Olympics on-going, it's a fact that i have been trying to catch as much of it on tv as possible.

It didn't help that H, while both of us was watching the opening ceremony went, "Oh, that's Martijn's brother carrying the flag for Netherlands." Although he mentioned it previously and that i have yet to meet Jeroen, i was like.. whoa... i had dinner and drinks with his brother! And who is Jeroen Delmee? Just the captain of the Dutch Hockey Team, 4 time Olympian, 2 time Gold medal winner and 1 Silver..Muahrharhahrar..

The Olympic Fever is ON!!!

And every day.. there's something to watch, and i love the gymnastics, diving, beach volleyball, tennis, football.. exciting ping pong and now.. hockey.

And i am so overwhelmed by the pictures on the Newsweek Blog

Everyday, i look forward to seeing their pictures, which is totally amazing!!!

This one took my breath away today..

Mike Powell made today’s Picture of the Day, using a technique to create an impression of the action from the Laoshan velodrome. Using a very wide angle lens, a 14mm, he set the shutter to 1/15th of a second with an aperture of f7.1. He picks up the solo cyclist and moves the camera to follow him, making a single focal point of near-focus, while the rest of the scene becomes a pastiche of color. The result is a stunning image that you would be unlikely to see in your daily newspaper—more one that you might hang on your wall.—Simon Barnett, Director of Photography, NEWSWEEK
And there are are others along the way...

What is very enlighting about the blog is that they will explain how they set up to capture that picture.. and sometimes, it'd take hours to do just that! I'm in awe!

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