Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ice creams, sorbets and granitas

Guess what flavours i made over the weekend?

tee hee hee...

Plum Wine Granita...

Choya Ume Granita by you.

I chopped up the plums in the wine and put it into the granita

Choya Ume Granita by you.

They looked really pretty inside.

Plum Wine Granita by you.

And the next flavour i tried?

Making Passion Fruit Sorbet by you.

Passion fruit sorbet... almost as good as the one that i tried in Vietnam... errr.. though i think need more sugar? Mum complaint that it was very sour... but maybe she wasn't used to eating passion fruits?

Passion Fruit Sorbet by you.

oh.. and this was yum!!!

Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream Sandwich by you.

I want to make my next batch soon!

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