Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Things that i'm looking forward to

Feasting, Diving, Holiday & Reading this book (not particularly in that order)

Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox (Artemis Fowl)
by Eoin Colfer

You wouldn't believe how much trouble that i have to go through to get this book in time for my trip.

1. Kino at Bugis was sold out
2. Kino at Taka had copies but i was unable to make my way down as i needed to pick up my laptop
3. Got someone working at Harris(Suntec) to get a copy - who knew??!! sold out too
4. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my friend is able to pick the book up at Harris at Great World City for me this afternoon.

Oh... and i won something in a lucky contest!

To be honest, i have been pretty lucky.. the big prizes that i have won so far from participating from contests included an all-expenses paid trip to New Orleans for N'sync's concert, $1000 visa card from a radio contest which i used to buy my luxxie 2.. and yesterday, i found out that after filling up tons of postcards for the visit Singapore postcard contest, i won a $100 tung luk dining voucher. i would have wanted the first prize of course... but the voucher is good too. Just in time for me to buy moon cakes!

Oh.. and it's so ridiculous that one would have to queue for hours to get the race shirt cum tag for the Nike run! I went down on Sun, attempted to collect it, but with the queue snaking on for hours, i refused to queue for it. So went down on Monday, and there was a freaking queue again! So i kicked up a fuss, refused to queue and got my race stuff within 5 mins! Its so crazy... the best part, i had never had any problems with all the other races!

p/s... i read that people queue over 5hours just to get their packs on sunday. Google and you will find!

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