Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Can i ban YOU?

Only in the states you get great stuff like this... Carlos Hernandez filed a federal lawsuit after he got banned from the Hawaii State Library for visiting a pornographic gay and lesbian website.

Apparently, in the United States, there are state laws that allow authorities to ban people from public spaces after a written request or warning has been issued. Aimed at removing squatters from public campgrounds, parks and beaches, THE LAW prevents the offender from the public space for one year.

No doubt that there would be cases of abuses... but but but..wouldn't it be great for us? i definitely know how relieved and happy some of my colleagues would be if we could just banned certain trouble makers from the libraries...

List of people i'd ban.. (work in progress.. will add on to the list. Keep a look out)

  1. Love struck stalkers... yes yes.... we do have good-looking and attractive people working in the library.
  2. Peeping Toms/Janes... have to be politically correct, you know?
  3. Prostitutes... who solicit their business in the library... Com ' ON!! Go somewhere else! And maybe that's the reason why the Peeping Toms are in the libraries..
  4. Perverts.. such as those who masturbate to cookbooks in the library.
  5. People who think that librarians are really dumb... just today someone asked if i have a "balain"... i figured she was trying to say 'brains'. Yes, i have brains, else i wouldn't have figured out what she was saying. :)
  6. Real wackos... who tears up books and claims that he found them in the dustbin (we couldn't catch him in action).
  7. Sickos ... who swapped the Britney Spears disc with porn. imagine the poor kid who saw it.
  8. Eaters, Snoozers, and Whinners.
  9. Parents... who can't discipline their children and keep saying, "Librarian will scold you." Man.. that's YOUR job.. not mine.. they don't pay me enough for me to do your job.
  10. People who can't see the book when it is exactly where it is supposed to be.
  11. People who are forever asking, " Where's the toilet?"
  12. People who don't read the signage.
  13. People who don't follow library rules and regulations.
  14. People who abuse us and think that they can get their way by being unreasonable, loud and nasty.
Sigh.. if only we could... most of the time, our hands are tied and the police can't do anything about it at all.

Given a chance.. whom would you ban??


Anonymous said...

not forgeting China streetwalkers too....

The Illustrated Librarian said...

Ha! Well, we DO ban a select few from our library premises!! People currently banned:
--A disgusting pig we have dubbed "Red-Dog" who regularly tried to destroy our computers and harassed other patrons...
--A total nut we call "Psycho-Santa" who has threatened patrons in the library and attacked a car outside...
--The teenaged girls who were in the fist fight...
--Another nut we refer to as "Biggest-Backpack" because he made comments to patrons about them being gay, then he kicked a man in the stacks...

These are just a few from recent memory. We can't say anything about them looking at porn though, unless another patron complains. Doesn't matter if WE are offended. Nice.

Thanks for reading my blog over at --come back soon! --TIL

slackerlibrarian said...

I say we ban people with money who argue over the validity of a 10 cent fine. Just give me my damn I can buy another book that you can lose on your trip out of the country...jerk!

Oh...and I know that some people don't bathe regularly...but let's ban those people who not only don't bathe regularly...but smell like rotting flesh.

People who drop books in the outside bookdrop and then walk in the library...expecting the books to have been magically cleared as soon as they walked in .

People who annoy me with stupid questions...okay...that one is subjective...but I had to throw it in there.


Preetam said...

The streetwalkers...maybe they come looking for Paul Theroux's Singapore Classic St' Jack. The movie version is banned in Singapore but some of the libraries have the book.