Sunday, September 19, 2004

Neil Gaiman's Journal and other stuff...

Just wanna share something really cool..

Neil Gaiman's journal is something that he updates daily. sometimes more than 1 entry a day. I really wonder... where does he gets his time to do it. Given that he is such an accomplished multi-award winning author.. wouldn't/shouldn't he be concentrating on his books and stories instead? Where does he gets the time?

This actually reminded something that i read recently... in order to get the creative juices flowing.. it is recommended that you sit down and write in your journal approximately 1000 words a day.. Wow... that's one-third of my assignment.. har har har..

Wait till my assignment is done.

On a different note.. i'm really drooling over some of the designer blogs. . so... kinda just feel that maybe if i get a cool looking one.. i'd feel more inspired to write more witty and clever entries?? hee hee hee.. so right now.. am in the mist of working out something new over here. No.. i can't afford to pay for one from my favorite blog designer, Moxie.

One suggestion was to collect for donations. Haven't you heard of the girl who put up her website for donations so that she can increase her boob size?? FYI, she did get people to donate money and she did get new and bigger boobs. Any kind souls out there who's willing to donate so that i'd get a new blog look?? Donations??? Please!!!??? The other way is to design and set a blog up by myself. So i'm actually trying set it up with the help of a friend. (YES! You know who you are and you have been suckered to help me do my blog up!!!) If it works out.. you'd get to see it right here?? Or.. i might shift this blog to another host. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Meanwhile.. check out this really cool website based on Spy vs Spy.

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Ivan Chew said...

Now there's a thought -- a list of blogs that seek donations. Suppose you could compile such a list, the weirder the better!