Tuesday, September 14, 2004

MoonCakes and LanTerns!

Today is the first day of the eighth month in the lunar calendar. So what's to look forward to? Mooncakes and lanterns and little piggy baskets. Had a preview tasting of some really good mooncakes last night. That's why i couldn't resist putting mooncakes into my shopping list. i simply love snow skin lotus paste mooncakes. i used to like baked skin red bean paste with pumpkin seed. However, over the years, i kinda didn't like it so much cos it became too sweet for my taste.

kinda funny cos when i was studying, i couldn't afford to buy mooncakes and my mum would send a box of mooncakes and little piggy baskets to me. Pretty cute. And when i got them, i'd have to share it out with over 20 people. Each would only get 1 miserable really thin slice. That's not enough to eat, especially when you are looking at someone who can eat a single big round mooncake with double yolk in one sitting. Talking about mooncakes gonna start my craving. i was so tempted to make a detour on my way home to grab some mooncakes to eat!

And of cos, with mid-autumn festival, you can never be without lanterns and candles. hrrmmpp.. got to start shopping for my lantern this year. Last year i got a huge goldfish, the year before i had a few.. 'Xiao ding dang' Doremon, and Power puff girls. Har har har...

Did you know that you have to burn your lantern after the festival (told to be by one of my dearest friend)? This is so that you'd have a new one the following year! Duh.. with a burnt lantern.. think that you'd definitely need to get a new one!! :) Tell that to her!

There's also this light-up at the Singapore River that i'm really keen to go and take a look. That's what festivals are all about ain't it? Lots of festivities and noise, crowd and bustle. Will try to post some pictures when i get the chance. In the meantime, here's a piece of news on the light-up.

Can't wait to hang around with a bunch of friends, get together, eat mooncakes, carry lanterns.. and not forgetting the all important, candles and sparklers!

Cheers for the Mid-Autumn Festival!!

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