Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Things that i found out today

Went to the bookstore today. It's been quite sometime since i last went there. Been pretty busy. i always like going to the bookstore to check out all the new books, immerse in books. don't think that it is too strange. i know that it might sound a bit crazy to people. YOU ARE ALREADY SURROUNDED BY BOOKS EVERYDAY!! Guess that it is different. At work, you can't browse and take your time. it's always rush, rush, rush. Do more with less time and more effort. Does it sound familiar to you?

Anyway.. so there i was in the bookstore browsing.. and guess what i discovered? One of my secondary 1 (grade 7/8?) literature text was made into a movie starring Ben Tibber and Jim Caviezel. And a pretty good one from what i heard, winning several film festival and best actor awards already. i don't know if the movie will be out in Singapore.. but i really hope that it will. Most films in Singapore make it here only if they are viable commercially.

Hands up to those who have read I am David (movie link) by Anne Holm.

To think that i almost threw that book out when i was packing my books just last week. Did a flip through and decided to keep my worn and tattered 15+ year old book.

I will probably do a re-read of the book one of these days.. but just to pip your interest and for me to try to do a fuzzy recollection - the book is about this boy called David who was locked up in a concentration camp till he was 12. With the help of a guard, he manages to escape and coupled with a compass, he is to travel north, from Eastern Europe to Denmark. Having lived in isolation, he has to cope with life outside of the concentration camp, first learning to survive and finding food to eat to trusting dogs and people. Knowledge of things that we take for granted is unknown to him. Stuff like how you can't eat an orange peel etc. (Spoiler ahead) i know that i always cry when i reach the part where his dog gets killed at the border.

Something else too... Avi was a librarian for 25 years before he become an author.. and you can become a published book author by writing blogs (see Mimi Smartypants). So there's still hope for me despite of my numerous rejection letters from various publishers such as HarperCollins, Simon&Schuster etc etc... Or, i can start a collection of rejection letters? How's that for a new hobby? What do you think?


S said...

It's hard for me to believe that a real librarian would fail to capitalize personal pronoun 'I' and use incomplete sentences like "Been pretty busy." Maybe you are trying to cultivate a certain literary style?

olkgal said...

does it have to be I I I I all the time? com' on.. chill... or maybe you have never met a singaporean before... hence don't understand the grammatical structure.. Any volunteers for proof-reader or editor?want the job? :D

Anonymous said...

Guess you are right, it's just a matter of style. Some bloggers just like to rant and rave at the end of an exhausting day with no regard for grammar or spelling or whatsoever. Others post entries that can be publish in national newspaper. Whatever it is, blogs are suppose to be a creative outlet for the individual, maybe we should just cut them some slack?

Here is an interesting article from A list Apart, 10 Tips on Writing the Living Web. Interesting read.