Saturday, September 11, 2004

Feeling Mixed-up

Barely 6 weeks into the new term, the exam timetable's out. And this is in view of the fact that I HAVEN'T completed any of my assignments!!! Start to plan study time table?? Time to start reading all my readings. Haven't done any of that to be honest. *start running in circles with arms failing everywhere*

Pretty ok spacing between the papers.. with a very long the break between the first 2 papers. Good or bad? Am up for a conference after my exams..Can't remember when it is. Just hope that the timing is such that I'm able to make it.

Tori and Munchy

Something on a totally different note. Read about how someone lost her dog to a stroke. Totally unexpected. i can relate to that. i lost my dog of 10 years over 1 year ago and i still miss her. Never knew what happened to her. She just passed away in her sleep while i was at work. I never got to see her wagging her silly tail and wearing that silly grin again. I buried her with her collar and tags. She never liked being without her collar and i never want her to get lost. Wearing that to doggy heaven will ensure that she knows that i belong to her and her to me. we'd be together again soon enough. Meanwhile.. i'd still be meeting her in my dreams.

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