Thursday, September 16, 2004

First of its kind?

Well well handphones are banned from the library... this includes texting (smsing as we know it here in Singapore), talking and ringing tones. First-time offenders would be warned and subsequently, they'd be fined... sounds very Singaporean.

Seems that the Library Director at Huntington Beach Public Library tried all sort of ways to ask patrons to refrain from using the phone during reference interviews and when using the terminals. But obviously all in vain.

i am wondering if it would it work? How do you keep track of repeat offenders?

i know how handphones can be a pet peeve of some librarians... same here... i would always advice the patron to go outside the library to talk on the phones.. since it's MOBILE anyway.. har har har har..

Let's see if our libraries going to do that too... note to myself: Add to ban list :)

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luc said...

How about using cell phone jammers?

They are all over the place now as noted here and here. They are doing in in public places in Hong Kong, including the libraries. Think it is a feasible solution here? How about the legal aspect?