Thursday, September 09, 2004

I want ONE!!

AAArrrggh... this is the third time that i'm posting this same blog.. anyway.. was just ranting about how i can't sleep due to all the stress that's going on.. being very resentful of the 12 work day week that i've been putting in over the past months... and that i really don't know how much longer i can last. It's ok with working once a month over the weekends.. but having to give up free time on sat and sun TOTALLY SUCKS big time... and the best part is that you can't just replace a weekend with a weekday.. the value is didn't.. family, friends.. etc.. most of the time you can't get to enjoy their company on the days that you are off during the week.

Given that all were making sacrifices during the opening of the new library.. it's acceptable.. but now that it's been stablised... isn't it time to do something before everyone get burnt out??

Anyway.. since i'm awake.. just thought that would do some posting.. and also.. check out some sites. Found some that I really like.. do check these sites out
Little Miss Attila

hrrmmpp... got to pay for the design though... maybe.. just maybe...

Oh.. and
I got gmail
hee hee hee...

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