Thursday, September 09, 2004

Meeting Blues

This poem is really cool. Out of the blue. This guy emailed me saying that he used a picture that i took to illustrate his poem..about meeting blues... think that almost everyone can relate it it. so here it is. Enjoy!

p/s: wondered how he found my picture :)

Meeting Blues

Words! Words! Words galore!
Sitting here has become a chore
Droning words, can't take no more
Words from this microphoned bore

I've sipped the coffee
I've sucked the candy
That happended to be handy
Still I fade to drowsy
Still to be known
How long he will drone
My limit soon shown
When I end up prone

Blurring words repeating
Overpowering, defeating
Many in the comfy seating
Of another useless meeting

'Meeting Blues' Copyright © Tom Brock

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